Australasia's leading resource journal publisher for over 38 years

About Energy Publications

Energy Publications has been the leading resource journal publishers in the Asia Pacific for more almost four decades.

Through its flagship Oil & Gas Australia, PNG Resources Annual Papua New Guinea Business Overview magazines, Energy Publications has established itself as the world acknowledged authority of the oil and gas and mining sector in the region.

It has been a spectacular ride since Oil & Gas Australia magazine first flowed off the presses in 1981 on a journey that has inspired everyone at Energy Publications to raise the bar ever higher to enhanced levels of excellence.

Oil & Gas Australia is a frequent asked publisher of one-off magazines celebrating the milestones of leading oil and gas producers in the region.

Our PNG Resources and Annual Papua New Guinea Industry Overview magazines are the “bible” of publications in Papua New Guinea, delivering a unique, accurate and up-to-date coverage of mining and petroleum activities in that lively Asia Pacific country.

Over the years we have expanded our influence in the global market, producing specialist publications on behalf of the petroleum and mining industries of Britain, Norway, Canada, China, New Zealand and New Caledonia.

Our mission statement is to keep covering the oil and gas and mining sector in a lively, informative style consistent with a standard of excellence that will do justice to our readers, advertisers and associates.